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About us

For our clients, we at Hashani measure, promote and manage personalized, intelligent and data-driven Digital Marketing solutions driven by Artificial Intelligence to enhance brand awareness and engagement resulting in driving retention and maximizing ROI.

Our advanced platform enables companies and brands to understand their customers down to an individual, which drives much deeper, informed online relationships. We a London based digital Marketing agency think, create, optimize and deliver digital experiences. We are inventors and creators, dedicated to enhance online visibility through Artificial Intelligence. Everything we do is based on individual human interactions and insights.
Our Platform’s unique capability abilities allows it to listen, deduce and drive to a singular psychographic profile for each consumer. This living user profile adaptively learns what information is relevant to that user and what is not. It drives stickiness, retention and ROI and enable any consumer engaging on our powered site/content to see their profile, and modify it to their personal, and evolving needs. Any 3rd party platform app developers and publishers enjoy a rich 360-degree, cross-app view of their users previously unseen, generating more relevant and engaging experiences.